Welcome to Hamburg Health Consultants!

HAMBURG HEALTH CONSULTANTS opens the door for clinics, hospitals, doctors, hotels, health care companies or patients from abroad to First-Class-Health products, service, management, consultants and treatment -made in Germany-.

Germany's health care sector provides  an unique concentration of researchers, developers, producers, service providers and treatment in hospitals or clinics. They offer top-quality products and services and are intensively networked. With the help from Hamburg Health Consultants you can get into contact to each of them so that all your demands in the health care sector can be fulfilled.

HAMBURG HEALTH CONSULTANTS is your Number-One-Guide when it comes to First Class Health -made in Germany- !

We connect you to producers of famous products and equipment in the health care sector.

We connect you to doctors and medical staff for short- to long-term assistance in your hospital.

We place doctors from abroad to German hospitals for education & training, short-term to "Facharzt".

We also connect you to famous hospitals, known worldwide for their premium doctors and their distinguished service - especially for patients coming from the Gulf Region or other Arab Countries or from the Russian Federation. Companions will find excellent hotels and cities with an broad offer in culture and shopping.

If you look out for First-Class-Health -made in Germany- please contact us "7/24"!