The fourth edition of International India Medical Tourism Congress (IIMTC) is scheduled to be conducted in 2017.. This is the only medical tourism and global healthcare conference of its kind in India. It serves as a platform for all the key stakeholders of the medical tourism industry including the government authorities to meet together, share knowledge and develop networks which can considerably lift the medical tourism industry as a whole.

IIMTC 2017

Medical Tourism in India and the World Adopting new technologies to drive Medical Tourism

The market for medical technology in India is estimated US$2.75 billion market small, but rapidly expanding. The Indian medical device industry has a potential to grow from current $4.4 billion to $7 billion by 2016. Medical Technology and Medical device industry, which forms a critical segment of the healthcare industry, is going through rapid transformation in India and is projected to grow at a higher rate as health insurance becomes more widely available and the country’s consumers continue to demand better healthcare services. Opportunities for Medical Technology and device companies

  • As a result of healthcare globalization and increased competition, hospitals and governments are investing in the highest quality healthcare and medical technology in order to gain competitive advantage and market share in the industry.
  • Healthcare professionals are under extreme time pressure to see more patients in less time, deliver the most effective care to each patient while keeping up with new medical research.
  • Employers are looking to improve the quality of care for their employees and ultimately reduce their healthcare costs.
  • platform that will put you in contact with senior level decision makers from governments to hospitals.
  • IIMTC provides a global platform for hospital groups, medical travel organizations and health services companies to increase their international presence and patient network, and gain market share in this growing industry.

It’s going to be a platform to discover the business opportunities.

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