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Hamburg Health Consultants and EMERCOM have become partners!

Besuch HHC bei der EMERCOM St. Petersburg; 2.v.r.: Professor Sergej Aleksanin; Direktor der EMERCOM

Hamburg Health Consultants and the russian ministry for Civil Defense and Civil Protection (NRCERM & EMERCOM) have signed a cooperation agreement which involves collaboration in the fields of medicine, education and training, know-how transfer, science and research.

  • To this collaboration belong:
  • Consultation and Treatment of Patients
  • Training & Education of Doctors
  • Academic Cooperation
  • Exchange of Experts
  • Exchange of Delegations
  • Seminars & Conferences

Any question? You are interested in cooperation, especially with the institutes and clinics of EMERCOM in St. Petersburg? Please contact us, we are at your service: "7/24"!


„According to an EMERCOM publication, the Ministry is an agency of Federal Executive Power with the following tasks:

  • developing proposals and initiatives in the sphere of State policy on issues within the Ministry's competence;
  • managing the Civil Defence and Search and Rescue Service in the Russian Federation;
  • providing for the functioning and further development of the Russian System of Disaster Management (RSDM);
  • directing activities aimed at eliminating the consequences of large-scale disasters, catastrophes and other emergencies;
  • conducting special submarine activities;
  • supervising the use of finance resources allocated to the Government for disaster management and response;
  • organizing the training of the population, and governing agencies and the RSDM forces for disaster management and response;
  • and organizing international cooperation in the fields of the Ministry's competency.”

Ressources of EMERCOM:

"Civil protection troops, numbering about 23,000 personnel as of 1999, represent the backbone of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. These troops are composed of rescue brigades, mechanized civil protection regiments and battalions, special protection companies and detached helicopters squadrons. They are armed with specialised equipment, such as engineering, medical, radiation, chemical and biological protection. In peacetime the civil protection troops function within the framework of the Unified Emergency Situations Prevention and Responce State System. As for wartime, they are under control of the Civil Protection system.

EMERCOM's Crisis Management Center (CMC) is the main body for the day-to-day management of a Unified Emergency Prevention and Response State System (UEPRSS) and, as such, is tasked with provision of firm and continuos management of the forces and assets allocated for emergency prevention and response, provision of necessary information for the system as a whole and for EMERCOM of Russia and coordination of all UEPRSS segments activities. CMC principal services are on stand-by duty round the clock. Apart of
communications and hardware experts, duty service comprises chief duty officer and duty shift officers. Chief duty officer is to organize an immediate initial response on an emergency situation until eventual deployment of the emergency response temporary HQs.

The All-Russian Research and Scientific Institute for Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Problems is playing a leading role in scientific support and provision for EMERCOM of Russia's activities. It was established in 1976."

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