Hands-off-training for Hands-on-carreer!

In the 2015 ARAB HEALTH Edition of Middle-East-Hospital Magazine Reinhard Hollunder, Managing Director, describes latest trends and new chances in the field of Health Tourism:

For a long time health tourism has been recognized as a journey beyond the border of your home land to other countries to diagnose diseases, to find a suitable therapy and hopefully to heal acute or chronically diseases.

Lately the patient’s needs have become more various: especially check up, prevention, rehabilitation and wellness care are in a great demand. Health tourism defines itself new nearly every day and today the phrase Health Tourism describes just about every sort of person traveling just about anywhere for just about any kind of health related activity: “Health travel increasingly becomes an acceptable alternative for patients who seek choices in medical care, medical travel and health tourism”.

Also the travel destinations have become more variable. Germany e. g. had been the most favorite target country for a long time and still is an important one with highest standards! But just recently more and more people from Germany travel to other countries, e.g. the UAE or Turkey to seek treatment.

The countries of the golf region have supported the development of Health Care sectors too, by changing from “sending out nations” into popular travel destinations for health tourists.

This radical development is of utmost importance for the economy and has become more relevant which has been disregarded too long: Well-trained, experienced and specialized doctors who come from abroad to hospitate (internship as an observer) especially in countries like Germany, USA, England and Canada and there after return to their homeland. Back in their country they can use the new skills during their daily work, a big benefit for the patients (and for the hospital budget too).

Hamburg Health Consultants has among others specialized on identifying suitable hospitals for doctors from all over the world, to arrange hospitation places as well as to organize and to support them.

A hospitation in German hospitals, prior in university hospitals, does not include the doctor’s practical activity in so far. A hospitation means “education and training”, in German it is called “hands-off”- or “look over the shoulder internship”. Normally it takes one to three months.

This combination of content and time facilitates getting a visa. The guest doctor does not receive any payments, but normally has to pay a only a small amount for the hospitation, different from the USA e. g. Very important is to speak and to write English very well (minimum Level B2, better C1), additional German skills are a plus. For a stay of three months they prepare in each case an individual training plan. In a three months hospitation a surgeon e. g. hospitates one month each at the receiving station, the operating theatre and the hospital ward of his special profession. At the end he ( or she) will get a certificate which includes the lessons learned and how successful the hospitation was.

Hamburg Health Consultants place doctors from the Gulf Region and other Arabian states. Also guests from China or Russia come to Germany regularly.

Recently German Hospitals welcome more doctors than before from countries like Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan (the country’s health ministry sends in one project 120 doctors abroad, organized bei HAMBURG HEALTH CONSULTANTS).

All those practitioners have one thing in common: they know that they are only able to meet the special requirements as well as medical specifications of their foreign patients. If they learn about the local conditions, like how medicine is organized and practiced in their home country and last but not least to get familiar with the health care’s level in the according countries.

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